Public Consultation for the Update of BES 6001

How do I take part in the consultation?

Please use the Comments Form in the Download section to let us know about any comments you have.  If you would like to see any changes, please tell us what you would like to see.  We will only be able to respond to comments sent using this form.

For this consultation, we are asking stakeholders to review the Standard and provide feedback and comments on the proposed content for this version.  This consultation relates only to the content and requirements of the Standard.  The scoring methodology is also under review but will be finalised following the stakeholder consultation period on the proposed content of the Standard.

Remember that this consultation is all about the update to BRE Global’s BES 6001 standard – it is not about any other methodology, assessment tool or scheme.

If you have any questions on this consultation, please send them to the Responsible Sourcing Mailbox (


How will BRE use my comments and what are the timescales?

All comments will be treated as confidential.

The closing date for sending us your comments is: Friday 7th January 2022.

Please send your comments to

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