Site Sustainability Manager (BREEAM AP - Site)

The Site Sustainability Manager (SSM) or BREEAM AP - Site scheme provides a mechanism to ensure that a construction site can not only be managed in an environmentally efficient manner, but it also gives the client and the site management team confidence that the project’s design requirements are achieved.

An SSM is a manager on the construction site with a focus on sustainability. Their main responsibility is to ensure that the sustainability design aspirations on a project are achieved at the construction stage, including the target BREEAM rating. SSMs are the champions of sustainability on site and ensure environmental site impacts are minimised.

With an SSM on board there are numerous benefits for clients and contractors as well as the project team. An SSM:


  • ensures compliance with environmental regulations and BREEAM and can reduce the size of the performance gap
  • drives and monitors reduction of waste and other site impacts, which in turn reduces construction costs
  • helps manage risks connected to the achievement of sustainability targets and, in particular, reduce the risk of fines, complaints and re-working
  • helps the company keep ahead of the game
  • ensures demonstration of environmental credentials and CSR

For BREEAM assessed projects, the involvement of a qualified SSM provides the opportunity to earn a BREEAM credit in the Management section, and further credits can be achieved by monitoring and limiting site impacts. In order to claim the BREEAM credits featuring a Sustainability Champion, SSMs must be qualified and keep up to date with sustainability matters and BREEAM developments (please note other criteria apply to claim the full credit).

One way of demonstrating competence for this role is through the SSM qualification. After passing the exam, SSMs will need to demonstrate ongoing competence in sustainability matters through a minimum of 15 hours CPD each year. To badge themselves as an ‘active’ Site Sustainability Manager for the purpose of BREEAM, they will also need to be listed on

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