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GreenBookLive is brought to you by BRE Global, the independent third party approvals body offering certification of fire, security and sustainability products and services to an international market. Our mission is ‘Protecting People, Property and the Planet'  and we are a trading subsidiary of the BRE Trust, the research and education charity dedicated to improving the built environment.

GreenBookLive is a free to use online database designed to help specifiers and end users identify products and services that can help to reduce their impact on the environment.

What is included ? 

A wide range of products and services, from commercial building products and services to domestic energy efficiency products can be found within GreenBookLive. This includes listings of trained and licensed BREEAM Assessors and qualified BREEAM Accredited Professionals. It includes listings of products and installers that are certified under BRE Global's Microgeneration Certification Scheme, and products that are assessed under our rigorous Environmental Profiles and Responsible Sourcing schemes.

Green claims 

Making changes to the way in which we choose products and services can have a major impact on the construction and related industries and significantly reduce their impact on the environment. Areas of importance include the extraction of raw materials, material waste, transport of products and materials, energy consumption, heat loss and emissions from manufacturing processes and buildings. However, greening the built environment is not as simple as specifying products and services that claim to be ‘green'. Green claims are very easy to make, but considerably harder to substantiate. Independent approval of products and services ensure that not only ‘green' claims are substantiated, but that they meet performance standards appropriate for their intended use.

A sister website, RedBookLive, (www.redbooklive.com) lists our approved products and services for the fire and security sectors.

Business particulars of this website

GreenBookLive is a product of BRE Global Ltd, registered in England and Wales, number 3548352. Registered address: Bucknalls Lane, Garston, Watford WD25 9XX

VAT registration number GB 689 9499 27. BRE Global Ltd is owned by the BRE Trust.

GreenBookLive is a registered trademark owned by BRE Global Ltd.


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