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Danfoss offers a broad range of technologies that save energy and reduce CO2 emissions in buildings, industrial processes and food storage applications all over the world.  Danfoss is a global leader in the provision of energy efficient systems for air conditioning, heating buildings and cold food storage, and renewable energy solutions such as solar power and heat pumps.

The company was founded by Mads Clausen in Denmark in 1933, initially to produce valves for refrigeration equipment (‘Dan’ refers to the Danish origin of the products, `foss’ is derived from the Danish word for turbulent flow gushing through a valve). Expansion abroad began in 1949, with the first sales company in Argentina being quickly followed by outlets in America and elsewhere, producing one of the largest export companies in the world.

Danfoss had a sales turnover of £3.6 billion in 2011 and expects continued growth in net sales and earnings in 2012, primarily driven by growth markets in the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India, and China).

More than 23,000 people are employed by Danfoss in 55 countries. The company has 79 factories in 22 countries, along with 110 sales companies and more than 400 agents and distributors all over the world. Its heat pumps are manufactured in Sweden and tested in the far north and the Arctic Circle.

Danfoss has three offices in the UK, each specialising in different product areas – the Sheffield office is the heat pump hub.


Products certified

Danfoss uses the BRE Global Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) to certify all of the company’s air and ground source heat pumps. Those that are currently available in the UK include:

Air source heat pumps:

  • DHP-AQ
  • DHP-AT
  • DHP-A
  • DHP-A Opti

Ground source heat pumps:

  • DHP-H
  • DHP-H Opti Pro
  • DHP-L
  • DHP-L Opti
  • DHP-L Opti Pro
  • DHP-S
  • DHP-R

Importance of MCS Certification

As air source heat pump technologies are relatively new in the UK, the assurance provided by third party approval and certification is particularly important. MCS certification demonstrates that exacting standards are met in all of Danfoss’ heating solutions, giving customers peace of mind regarding their quality and effectiveness. The scheme also provides customers with information on available products and associated installers.

While Danfoss is known for the quality of its products, having an external, independent agency recognising and certifying this gives valuable, impartial confirmation.

Stephen Bancroft, Technical Manager at Danfoss said:

 ‘It has been a long standing tradition that Danfoss Ltd uses the BRE Global MCS for assessing and certifying our products. Their quick and concise responses ensure that we have no delay in new product launches, and that we can provide accurate feedback to our R&D departments.’


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