BES 6001 The Framework Standard for Responsible Sourcing

The construction industry is a major consumer of resources and has a large impact on the sustainability of the UK and the wider world. BRE Global has developed a Framework Standard for Responsible Sourcing (BES 6001) along with an associated independent third-party certification scheme. This Standard and certification scheme will help organisations manage and reduce the impacts throughout the supply chain. 

The scheme provides manufacturers with a means by which their products can be independently assessed and certified as being responsibly sourced.  The scheme is recognised by the BREEAM family of certification schemes and the Code for Sustainable Homes where credits can be awarded for construction products independently certified through BES 6001. (Click here to view)

The Responsible Sourcing League Tables show all current BES 6001 certificates, by construction product category, and the rating achieved by each company.

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Specific areas of assessment within the Framework Standard are :

  • Organisational management
  • Supply chain management
  • Environmental and social issues

Certain requirements within these categories are compulsory, with additional points available from a range of issues to achieve higher performance levels. Products are ultimately rated as Pass, Good, Very Good or Excellent.

If you are a product manufacturer Responsible Sourcing certification will help you:

  • demonstrate leadership
  • improve corporate reputation
  • increase competitiveness
  • improve market share
  • reach more customers.

If you are a product purchaser or specifier the Framework Standard for Responsible Sourcing certification scheme will help you be confident that:

  • products were sourced responsibly
  • environmental impacts associated with the product are understood and minimised
  • systems are in place to continually improve the sustainability of your product.

How to Apply

In order to seek BES 6001 certification from BRE applicants should first complete an application form (see download to the right hand side of this page) and return it to BRE along with the appropriate Application Fee.  Reviewing the completed application form will enable BRE to evaluate the applicant’s status with respect to the Standard’s requirements and their aspirations regarding a target ‘grade’ of pass and so be able to provide an accurate project delivery cost and timescale.   

Current Certificate Holders

There are currently over 50 product manufacturers who currently have products certified against the standard.  Currently these include Aggregate Industries, British Gypsum, Marshalls, Tarmac, Swish Building Products, Severfield–Rowan and William Hare Ltd. The reinforcing steel sector has, in partnership with BRE Global, developed its own responsible sourcing scheme based on BES 6001 called Eco-Reinforcement (for the Eco-Reinforcement website, click the link to the right hand side of this page).  Manufacturers with Eco-Reinforcement certification include Celsa Steel, BRC, Hy-Ten, ROM and Express Reinforcements.

Responsible Sourcing certification is also carried out under licence from BRE Global by BSI, LUCIDEON and QSRMC.  

For more details of BSI's Framework Standard for Responsible Sourcing certification activities please contact:
Amanda Pakes, 

For more details of Lucideon's Framework Standard for Responsible Sourcing certification activities please contact:
Tim Watts, Tel: 01782 411008, Email:

For more details of QSRMC's Framework Standard for Responsible Sourcing certification activities please contact:
Colin Head, Tel: 020 8941 0274, Email:

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