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Collier House Mead Lane, Hertford, Hertfordshire, SG13 7AX
T: 01992 822 288  E: Vmzinc.uk@vmzinc.com


VMZINC® has been manufacturing a wide range of rolled zinc products used primarily for building envelopes since 1837. In addition to batten cap and standing seam roof systems, products include rainwater systems, a wide range of cladding systems, including a number of rainscreen façade products. Since its creation the company has also produced decorative roofing products such as dormers, bull’s eyes and other ornaments. All VMZINC products not only have design lives of up to 80 years but are also 100% recyclable

See www.vmzinc.co.uk for details.


Verified EPD List 

BREG EN MR EPD R00030 – Preweathered Rolled Zinc [PDF] Issue 2

BREG EN MR EPD R00031 – Preweathered Rolled Zinc [PDF] Issue 2

BREG EN MR EPD R00033 – Preweathered Rolled Zinc - Quartz Zinc [PDF] Issue 2

BREG EN MR EPD R00034 – Natural Rolled Zinc [PDF] Issue 2

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