Responsible sourcing - Issue 3 of BES 6001 standard published

BRE Global published Issue 3 of its Framework Standard for Responsible Sourcing on 21 May 2014.

BES 6001 Issue 3 is the latest version of a scheme that was originally launched in October 2008.  The scheme is unique in offering third party responsible certification for all construction products and materials.

Since its launch, BES 6001 has achieved much success. Currently products manufactured in six countries are certified to the Standard and there are more than 20 product types with BES 6001 certification.  Green Book Live now lists about 70 certificates covering around 90 different products.

BES 6001 delivers key benefits for clients that include:

  • securing credits in BREEAM or the Code for Sustainable Homes
  • providing vital product differentiation and market advantage for BES 6001 certified products
  • meeting the strong demand for responsible sourcing certification in the tendering process
  • delivering benchmarking and continuous improvement across a broad portfolio of indicators
  • demonstrating sustainable development credentials under a single banner  
  • minimising risk in supply chains.

The revision of BES 6001 to produce Issue 3 was driven by an extensive stakeholder engagement process that began over a year ago.  The process involved more than 50 key organisations including clients, specifiers, trade bodies and NGOs. The Construction Products Association was a key player in this process, which included a number of open workshops, on-line consultations and questionnaires.

From the beginning the key message for the change was ‘evolution not revolution’ with Issue 3 of the Standard building very much on the existing strong foundations of the Standard.  The main differences in Issue 3 are that:

  • the original clauses in the Standard are now Compulsory – Issue 2 had some optional elements
  • three new optional clauses have been added on Energy, Ecotoxicity and Business Ethics
  • some original clauses have been amended to better reflect business practices
  • the scoring has been changed to provide more flexibility to recognise positive activities.

The overall effect has been to strengthen the Standard by adding new areas for consideration, whilst simultaneously being responsive to stakeholder’s comments regarding the practical applicability of some clauses to better reflect positive business activities.

The document is now available here on Green Book Live along with the application form and fee details.


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