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The Amtico Company Limited

Kingsfield Road, Coventry, CV6 5AA
T: +44 (0) 2476 861 400  E:


Amtico International is a British manufacturer of flooring products. As pioneers of luxury vinyl tiles, made in Coventry since 1964, its enduring performance, collaborative creativity and unrivalled expertise have enabled Amtico to become respected industry leaders.

The company is committed to environmental responsibility and creating low environmental impact products. From a no-phthalate policy, to improving energy efficiency, to the use of integration of recycled material in products, Amtico is leading industry standards to provide sustainable flooring choices for projects across all sectors.

At the heart of the business are loyal customer relationships built on a trust in the ability to make-to-order and deliver, stylish, high quality floors its global clients need. With manufacturing and sales headquarters in the UK, Amtico has worldwide customer service bases across Europe, US, Asia Pacific and the Middle East. Amtico is a Mannington Mills company, a fourth-generation family owned US Flooring manufacturing company.

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Verified EPD List 

BREG EN EPD 000183 (ECO EPD 000653) - Amtico Signature Luxury Vinyl Floor Tiles [PDF] Issue 1

BREG EN EPD 000184 (ECO EPD 000654) - Amtico Spacia Luxury Vinyl Floor Tiles [PDF] Issue 1

BREG EN EPD 000185 (ECO EPD 000655) - Amtico Assura Luxury Vinyl Floor Tiles [PDF] Issue 1

BREG EN EPD 000186 (ECO EPD 000656) - Amtico Marine Luxury Vinyl Floor Tiles [PDF] Issue 1

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