NABERS Design for Performance

There are two product offerings available in the UK for offices buildings: Design for Performance to drive energy efficient new buildings, and NABERS Energy for Offices ratings to measure how energy efficient existing buildings are.

Design for Performance

NABERS Design for Performance enables developers to enter an agreement, whereby they commit to designing, building, and commissioning a new office development or major refurbishment to achieve a specific NABERS Energy rating. This process includes an Independent Design Review (IDR), whereby developers submit their IDR Report (as detailed in the Guide to Design for Performance) to a panel of NABERS Energy experts to validate their target rating. The results from the IDR can be used to obtain a full license to officially promote NABERS target ratings, and will be displayed here on GBL.

Following the IDR stage, developers must follow the steps to obtaining a NABERS Energy Rating to fulfil the final step of the Design for Performance agreement.

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