GCP Applied Technologies (UK) Ltd

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GCP Applied Technologies (UK) Ltd

487-488 Ipswich Road, Slough, SL1 4EP
T: +44 (0) 1753 490000   E: info-gb@gcpat.com


GCP Applied Technologies products are specified by architects and engineers and are used by contractors, ready mix, precast and block producers, cement manufacturers to enhance the durability, strength and appearance of structures found in many major construction projects. Many of the world's most challenging building problems have been solved by GCP's construction chemicals and building materials. GCP offers a wide range of speciality construction chemicals and materials that includes: concrete admixtures and fibres, products for architectural concrete, cement processing additives, products for light and heavy precast concrete, roofing & facade underlayments, structural waterproofing systems, Self-adhesive Air & vapour Barriers and fire protection products.

See www.gcpat.com for details.


Verified EPD List 

BREG EN EPD 000387 – Bituthene® 3000 and Bitutherne® 3000 Low Temp Waterproofing Membrane [PDF] Issue 2

BREG EN EPD 000388 – Preprufe® 300R, Preprufe® 300R Plus, Preprufe® 160R and Preprufe® 160R Plus Waterproofing Membrane [PDF] Issue 2

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