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Superglass Insulation Ltd

Thistle Industrial Estate, Kerse Road, Stirling, FK7 7QQ
T: 08081 645 134  E:


TN International is one of the world’s leading construction materials manufacturers, specialising in products and solutions that optimise the performance of building exteriors. Within this, insulation is a core manufacturing competence; the company has global capability in the production of both mineral wool and other forms of insulation. Environmental protection is at the heart of the company’s mission. Its core glass wool insulation production facility – the Superglass factory in Stirling, Scotland – has exceptional environmental credentials. The product is composed of up to 84% recycled glass and is compression-packed to maximise space in transit and reduce transport miles. And, when installed, glass-wool insulation has proven energy efficiency benefits, saving up to 300x the energy used to manufacture it over the lifetime of a building.

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Verified EPD List 

BREG EN EPD 000371– Superglass Insulation Ltd Cured Glass Wool Insulation [PDF] Issue 2

BREG EN EPD 000372 – Superglass Insulation Ltd Blowing Wool [PDF] Issue 2



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