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NABERS UK Licensed Assessors are a professional team of sustainability consultants, trained and accredited to perform NABERS ratings. Assessors can generate independent revenue through NABERS assessments and can use the NABERS Licenced Assessor logo to promote their services.

Licensed Assessors carry out physical assessments of buildings to collect and then verify the data required to provide a NABERS Energy for Offices rating.

Once the information is collected and the rating is calculated, the Assessor submits it to the NABERS Technical Team who carry out an audit of the information before certifying the building with the final rating. Accredited ratings can only be performed by Licensed Assessors, who collect and verify all the data for a rating according to the NABERS rules or validation protocols.

NABERS Assessors undertake a training course to prepare them for the demanding role of an Assessor. This starts with a general grounding of the scheme through the NABERS Essentials course followed by the NABERS Energy for Offices course which introduces the scheme, the assessment methodology and certification process. For more information on training to be a NABERS assessor head to our website.

Customers using the NABERS Energy for Offices scheme must independently contact a NABERS Assessor to obtain an NABERS Energy Rating. Use the search facility below to find a NABERS Assessor for your project.

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