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Saudi Readymix

PO Box 3183,AI Khobar 31952

T: +996 13 882 2373
E: Info@saudireadymix.com
W: www.readymix.com


Each completed project enhances and refines our knowledge to select the right mix, equipment, and placing method to ensure that the serviceable lifetime of concrete structures exceeds the expectations and stretches the imagination of our clients. Each cubic meter we pour adds to our experience, and we have poured tens of millions of cubic meters to date. Most of our factories are fully approved by such entities as Saudi ARAMCO, SABIC, SEC, the royal Commission, MoDA, and others/&gt:


Verified EPD List 

BREG EN EPD 000279 - C60 Readymix Concrete [PDF] Issue 1

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E: EN 15804 Enquiries
T: +44 (0)333 321 88 11