Independent Flood Resilience Surveyors

Identification and mitigation of flood risk and impacts, protecting people and their properties

This scheme provides ongoing, third party assessment, certification and listing of independent property flood resilience surveyors who conduct assessments for the purposes of recommending flood resilience measures for properties at risk of flooding.

Climate change can have significant implications for the built environment, with increasing risks and impacts for buildings, energy, transport, ICT and infrastructure. Analysis from the UK Climate Change Risk Assessment indicates that the built environment will be increasingly affected by extreme weather events, and that the incidence and severity of flooding events will increase with higher average temperatures and changing rainfall patterns and as a result, properties and people’s lives are at risk from the significant impacts of flooding. 


Following major flooding in December 2015, Dr Peter Bonfield was asked to chair a roundtable of private and public sector members on property level flood resilience. In September 2016 the Property Flood Resilience Action Plan

was published by the UK Government, with the BRE Centre for Resilience assigned to lead follow on work under Task Group 4. This Group focuses upon industry collaboration, with a view to identifying gaps in current standards, certifications and skills, and the subsequent development of new industry supporting guidance, testing protocols, training programmes and certification schemes. The Task Group identified the need for independent flood resilience surveyors to provide accurate and reliable information to property owners about their risks, their options and the installation of flood resilience measures, as while flood resilience measures for properties are available, too often owners are unaware of these or the benefits offered.

An independent property flood resilience surveyor would visit a flood affected property, or a property thought to be at risk from flooding, to conduct a survey and recommend flood resilience measures that would be most effective in protecting the property from future flooding events.

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