CRH Ciment (Romania) S.A.

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CRH Ciment (Romania) S.A.

15 Charles de Gaulle Plaza, 2nd Floor, 011857 Bucharest, Romania
T: +40 21 307 53 00  F: +40 213120945  E:


CRH Ciment (Romania) S.A. is the leading player on the Romanian cement, aggregates and ready mix concrete market. The products manufactured in our facilities are specially designed to cover a wide range of applications, being the foundation of all types of construction works.

We produce standard ready mix concrete and other special products (self-compacting concrete, decorative, pervious concrete etc) as well as a wide range of mortars and screeds, within our plants , including the facilities from Bucharest area.

Our services bring added value to our customers projects, including technical economical consultancy on design specifications phase, logistics and pumping, quality assurance and on site assistance, samples compliance tests through authorized laboratories, customized mix design etc. We also facilitate placing and finishing of our decorative ready mix concrete product range.

CRH Ciment (Romania) S.A. is part of the multinational Group CRH plc.

CRH plc is a leading global diversified building materials group, employing 89,000 people at over 3,900 operating locations in 31 countries worldwide.

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Verified EPD List 

BREG EN EPD 000154 – 1m3 of CRH Ciment (Romania) S.A. Ready Mix Concrete [PDF] Issue 1

BREG EN EPD 000155 – 1m3 of CRH Ciment (Romania) S.A. Ready Mix Mortar [PDF] Issue 1

BREG EN EPD 000156 – 1m3 of CRH Ciment (Romania) S.A. Ready Mix Screed [PDF] Issue 1



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