Johnstone's Trade (PPG Industries)

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Johnstone's Trade (PPG Industries)

Huddersfield Road, Birstall, Batley, WF17 9XA

T: 01924 354354


Johnstone’s Trade is a leading UK manufacturer of decorative paints, woodcare products, performance coatings and supplier of external wall insulation. It is proud to offer a comprehensive range that includes specialist paints such as hygiene coatings and is committed to progressing product performance.

Being part of PPG Industries, the world’s largest coatings company, Johnstone’s Trade works hand in hand with its customers and global Research & Development teams to provide new and technically advanced products that offer the total solution; allowing it to be the benchmark for the UK paint industry.

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Verified EPD List 

BREG EN EPD 000006 - Johnstone's Acrylic Satin [PDF] Issue 4

BREG EN EPD 000016 - Johnstone's Professional Gloss [PDF] Issue 3

BREG EN EPD 000017 - Johnstone's Aqua Water Based Gloss [PDF] Issue 4

BREG EN EPD 000043 - Johnstone's Acrylic Durable Matt [PDF] Issue 3

BREG EN EPD 000044 - Johnstone's Covaplus Vinyl Matt White  [PDF] Issue 3

BREG EN EPD 000045 - Johnstone's Jonmat Premium Contract Matt [PDF] Issue 2

BREG EN EPD 000046 - Johnstone's Acrylic Eggshell [PDF] Issue 3

BREG EN EPD 000047 - Johnstone's Endura Super Durable Matt [PDF] Issue 3

BREG EN EPD 000048 - Johnstone's Vinyl Soft Sheen [PDF] Issue 3

BREG EN EPD 000234 (ECO EPD 000790) – Johnstone's Air Pure Matt [PDF] Issue 1

BREG EN EPD 000307 – Johnstone's Trade Perfect Matt [PDF] Issue 1

BREG EN EPD 000308 – Johnstone's Trade Aqua Guard Durable Water Based Satin [PDF] Issue 1



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