Cross-Listing for Environmental Profiles

Products that have completed an assessment and hold current certification under the Environmental Profile Certification Scheme, and are listed on the GreenBookLive may, with the agreement of the Owner of the product, be certified and listed on the GreenBookLive under the name of another company, using a different name or brand.  This can be done without having to undergo the full approval process so long as the actual product is not significantly changed in design, construction or function.

This procedure for Cross-Listing ensures that all products that carry the certification mark are listed on the GreenBookLive, thus helping to make the most of the marketing advantage of listing and to ensure the integrity and value of your products and brands. It also enables specifiers to check whether a product bearing the certification mark is in fact valid under the Environmental Profile Certification Scheme.

Cross-Listing can be requested by either party, but the Owner of the product is the party that has the rights to the product and is responsible for the control of the design, modification, production and approval of that product, and therefore must co-sign the Application Form.

If you have any queries regarding Cross-Listing please contact our mailbox To apply for Cross-Listing certification, please complete the Application Form (found in the right hand column under ‘Downloads’) and return it to:

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