Consumer protection

The purpose of this is to ensure that contractors offer consumer protection including complaints handling and a comprehensive performance prediction for products to prevent miss-selling.

The Renewable Energy Consumer Code (RECC), previously the REAL Assurance Scheme, and the Home Insulation & Energy Systems Contractors Scheme (HEIS) are currently the only TSI approved codes.

Other schemes will be accepted if they are TSI approved or are in the process of receiving approval (subject to further review).

The remit of BRE Global Ltd as a Certification Body under the MCS is to assess and certificate installers initially for competence against the scheme requirements, and to ensure that they maintain this level of competence on an on-going basis.

When responding to complaints regarding microgeneration installers, we investigate whether they and the installation work they conduct comply with the scheme requirements.

We do not inspect or certify installations, although we may inspect installations as part of our assessment of competence or in the course of investigating a complaint (where we have good reason to believe that work conducted to complete the installation does not comply with scheme requirements or is unsafe).

We do not act as arbitrators in disputes between householders and installers. However, where it can be determined that an installation does not comply with scheme requirements, we will require the installer to address the deficiency. However, we have no legal authority to enforce this.

For arbitration in disputes between householders and installers, householders should contact the relevant consumer code provider (currently RECC or HEIS).

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