EPD Verification Scheme

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Hanson UK
EN 15804 EPD Verification Scheme
C28/35 CEMI Ready Mix Concrete, C28/35 CIIIA Ready Mix Concrete, C28/35 CIIIB Ready Mix Concrete, C32/40 CEMI Ready Mix Concrete, C32/40 CIIIA Ready Mix Concrete, C32/40 CIIIB Ready Mix Concrete, GEN3 CEMI Ready Mix Concrete, GEN3 CIIIA Ready Mix Concrete, Hanson Bulk CEM I, Hanson General purpose CEM II, Hanson Multicem CEM II, Hanson Regan, Hanson UK Average Ready Mix Concrete BREG EN EPD 000189, BREG EN EPD 000190, BREG EN EPD 000191, BREG EN EPD 000192, BREG EN EPD 000193, BREG EN EPD 000194, BREG EN EPD 000195, BREG EN EPD 000196, BREG EN EPD 000197, BREG EN EPD 000242, BREG EN EPD 000243, BREG EN EPD 000244, BREG EN EPD 000245 SL6 4JJ, United Kingdom BRE Global
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