Solar PV investigation and fault finding service

The BRE National Solar Centre offers a solar PV investigation and fault finding service.   Approximately 18 million solar PV panels are currently installed in the UK (4.5GW installed capacity with average panel size of 250kW).  Issues with panels, mounting systems, electrical components and overall system performance are extremely rare. However, when faults do occur they can not only risk financial and carbon reduction investments, but also pose risks to safety and well-being.

A range of investigative services is offered by the BRE National Solar Centre, including but not limited to:

  • expert witness representation,
  • fire, wind loading, electrical investigation,
  • sunlight and shading analysis,
  • access to daylight analysis,
  • thermography (to discover invisible over-heating issues),
  • regulatory compliance (e.g. MCS, British Standards, IEC). 

Recent examples include investigations of panel mountings after wind damage, assistance with cases of overheating, regulatory compliance checking and assessments of installation quality.  Following on from investigations, we are also able to offer expert witness services in relation to disputes.

The BRE National Solar Centre team includes some of the most experienced PV installers, engineers and technicians in the UK.  The wider BRE Group brings a complementary range of expertise in wind loading analysis and testing, fire investigation and daylighting that can be called on as required.

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