Connected Homes Open Day: Exploring the living room of the future and the use of IoT devices in the home

19 January 2019 - BRE Watford Innovation Park

Details :

BRE and the PETRAS Internet of Things Research Hub - which is a consortium of 11 leading UK universities, led by UCL, are looking for volunteers to take part in the IoT (Internet of Things) Home Demonstrator project on the Saturday 19th or Sunday 20th January 2019.

Its aim is to explore the impacts, benefits and risks of using Smart devices like kettles, energy monitors, vacuum cleaners and virtual voice assistant tools on an everyday basis, in the home.

One of the demonstrator homes on BRE’s unique Innovation Park, has been fitted with sensors including automated appliances using IoT technology and voice activation, along with PV generation, battery storage and local energy management systems.

Many of the devices that participants will be interacting with are already available to consumers, some are prototypes of already available connected devices with enhanced functionalities, e.g. energy trading or enhanced security and privacy.

The day’s findings will inform the project’s work on how the devices perform in different scenarios and provide valuable information on the critical issues around the privacy, ethics, trust, reliability, acceptability and security of the IoT.

Participants will:

Use and experience the devices in ‘normal’ scenarios in which these devices function as intended as well as in scenarios where the devices malfunction due to technical tampering

Discuss their thoughts in between different scenarios

Share their views of the experiences (from everyday life and during the research activities,) any concerns and give feedback.

Be filmed and audio recorded during the project.

All information provided will remain confidential and participants are free to decline answering questions and can withdraw from the project at any time.

The Information that’s collected will be restricted to the video and audio recording of your participation, the interview and the transcript of the recording. Only the researchers involved in this project will have access to this data.

Refreshments will be available throughout the day and a buffet lunch will be provided.

For more information:
Andrew Burton
01923 664586

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